Tylenol Lowers Dosage to Protect the Liver

As of this autumn, Tylenol is losing part of its punch. Manufacturer Johnson & Johnson is reducing the maximum recommended dosage on products containing acetaminophen, the main ingredient in Tylenol. The risk of liver damage from too much acetaminophen has long been a problem.

Most cases of liver damage occur when consumers take more than the prescribed dose of acetaminophen within a 24-hour period, take more than one acetaminophen product or consume alcohol regularly before taking acetaminophen.

When reformulated, Extra Strength Tylenol’s recommended maximum daily dosage will be 3,000 mg per day, down from 4,000 mg per day. Earlier this year, the FDA imposed new limits on acetaminophen in prescription painkillers including Vicodin and Percocet, which contain other pain-killing compounds. Over-the-counter meds with acetaminophen were not affected by the FDA’s restriction.

According to AboutLawsuits.com, more than 400 people per year die, and 42,000 are hospitalized, from overdoses due to drugs that use acetaminophen.

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