The Myth of the Hypo-Allergenic Dog

Bo, the presidential family pooch, might be a real sweetie, but he can still make some people sneeze.

According to the New York Times, the notion that certain dog breeds–such as Portuguese Water Dogs, of which Bo is a member–are less likely to stimulate an allergic response seems to be misguided.

A study in American Journal of Rhinology and Allergy found no difference in the quantity of allergens in homes with supposedly low-allergy pets-poodles, Wheaten terriers, schnauzers, Bo–and those not identified as being hypo-allergenic.

It’s possible that some breeds do produce less dander (tiny bits of fur and skin), but it’s more likely a trait of an individual dog. Researchers acknowledged that how much time you spend in a room with a dog could be critical to your allergic response, and that information was not tested.

Here boy! Roll over! Sit! Fetch me a tissue!

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