Seven questions for Congress on Obamacare

Two health care experts just put out a list of seven questions that Congress needs to answer about its replacement for the Affordable Care Act. The list is simple and useful for all of us in any contacts we have with lawmakers. Here it is:

1. How many millions of Americans will lose coverage?

2. Will people over 55 pay higher health premiums for the same coverage?

3. Will the new plan let insurers charge women higher premiums than men while offering them less coverage?

4. What other services are likely to be cut?

5. Will the new plan let insurers reinstate annual or lifetime limits on coverage?

6. What will happen to the more than 130 million Americans with pre-existing conditions?

7. How much more will those with costly illnesses or injuries have to pay in out-of-pocket costs?

For more details about what the possible answers might be, read the op-ed in the New York Times that this list came from, by Harold Pollack of the University of Chicago and Timothy Jost of Washington and Lee University.

And if any readers of this blog feel moved to pick up the phone and call your Representative or Senator, here’s a website that has a dedicated phone line that will patch you through to the right member of Congress representing you.

Or just call: 866-426-2631.

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