Robot Surgery of the Prostate: No Evidence of Better Outcomes for Patients

Surgery with the da Vinci robot to remove a cancerous prostate gland is guaranteed to dazzle the patient with the high-tech wizardry of it all. Problem is the outcomes in side effects that can disable men after prostate surgery — incontinence and sexual dysfunction — are no better than with conventional surgery. And the robot costs a lot more.

The latest of several studies to reach the same conclusion about the robot being less than it’s cracked up to be is published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. The authors randomly surveyed men who had had either robot or traditional surgery and found that both had high rates of sexual and urinary complications, with no advantage for the robot.

Dr. Michael Barry and his co-authors questioned whether this might be a case of “gizmo idolatry,” the tendency in medicine to adopt new and expensive technology before there is real evidence of improved patient outcomes.

We’ve written before on our patient safety blog about benefits of the robot being oversold. Another critical issue for patients is the experience of the surgeon; the robot takes a lot more practice to get up to speed and reduce complication rates than does ordinary surgery.

As health care journalist blogger Gary Schwitzer notes, the marketing of the surgical robot gets hyped even more by naive news coverage with headlines like:

* Robot doctor – surgery of tomorrow * Da Vinci puts magical touch on the prostate * Cancer survivors meet lifesaving surgical robot * Robotic surgeon’s hands never tremble * Da Vinci is code for faster recovery
Once again, the take-home for patients is: Don’t be dazzled by technology. What you want is a surgeon with a proven track record. Ask pointed questions, and don’t assume that machines work better than experienced hands.

Article first published as Robot Surgery of the Prostate: No Evidence of Better Outcomes for Patients on Technorati.

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