Non-Partisan Videos about What’s Really Going on with High Care Costs in the U.S.

Thanks to a tip from a finance wizard who helps me with pension savings, I’ve come across some entertaining and instructive videos about our American health care system. What’s up with the high costs? Do we get value for spending far more than any other civilized country? How could we do better?

Here’s one video explaining our health care costs, a bit over seven minutes, which is forever in YouTube land, BUT it covers a complex subject compactly and well. And another one here about five years worth of Obamacare. Both are by John and Hank Green, the¬†Vlogbrothers.

Both point out how if we really wanted to save money and make American health care truly affordable, we’d empower a big buyer of health care services (like we already do with Medicare) to negotiate prices with providers. ¬†That, of course, would mean something like “Medicare for All,” They do that all over the world and most advanced countries pay far less for the same care as a result.

Meantime in the U.S., the Republicans in Congress are obsessed with “tort reform” as a cure-all to cut costs by taking away Americans’ rights to seek compensation if their lives have been wiped out by substandard health care. Not that it has the slightest chance of saving real dollars, but it will screw the trial lawyers who often support Democratic candidates, and that seems to be their real goal.

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