New Patient Safety Report Cards in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania continues to lead the nation in showing how public health authorities can cast a little disinfecting sunshine onto the patient safety practices of hospitals.

In its latest report, the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority says that in 2008, a total of 194 surgery patients were sewed up with a foreign object still inside them. They have a term for it: RFO, for Retained Foreign Object.

To avoid leaving behind a sponge, needle or other instrument, the nurses and doctors involved in any surgery are supposed to go through a counting ritual. The problem is that the count doesn’t always end correctly. In fact, the same Authority reported that last year, there were over 2,000 instances of incorrect counts, which doesn’t always mean an object has actually been left behind.

One technique to follow up when there has been a discrepancy in the count is to do an x-ray of the affected area. That should show up any hidden objects.

The RFO problem is expensive for patients and hospitals. According to the Consumer Union Safe Patient Project, the average cost of a hospital stay for the corrective surgery and other problems that come from a retained object is $62,631.

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