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The National Patient Safety Foundation recently issued a sweeping report strongly supporting transparency in health care. Transparency not only is ethical, according to the report, but it promotes accountability, leads to fewer medical errors, increases patient satisfaction and lowers costs. The foundation’s Lucian Leape Institute held roundtable discussions with a range of health-care stakeholders who […]

The Obama administration’s effort at health-care reform-known as the Affordable Care Act, or ACA-has an image problem. Virtually every poll asking Americans what they think of its provisions demonstrates not only widespread disapproval, but widespread ignorance. Some pundits attribute our collective misunderstanding to the administration’s inept efforts to publicize the program’s features, some attribute it […]

Iron poor blood? For many of a certain age, mere mention of that phrase conjures the major advertising campaigns of yore for a popular, over-the-counter nostrum called Geritol. The tonic is still around and sells for less than what a first-run movie ticket costs. Which leads to a different question that may burn many patients: […]

It takes more than a lot of huffing and puffing to blow down the ever-rising high costs of prescription drugs, the Trump administration has found. Two defeats happened last week:  officials were forced to pull a plan to curb profit-making by drug industry middlemen, and a federal judge axed on First Amendment grounds a plan […]

Nonprofit hospitals added almost $40 billion to their bottom lines in the last year and lavished a $3.5 million average salary on their chiefs. But their relentless grubbing for cash apparently was unsated still. The institutions, exempted from federal, state and local taxes in exchange for “community benefits” like charity care and financial support for […]

Cardiac patients may wish to take to heart how news reports have undercut federal regulators’ claims that they provide the most rigorous oversight to medical devices that treat complex conditions in ways that pose the greatest risk. With certain heart pumps and defibrillator units, both implanted in patients, the Federal Food and Drug Administration deserves […]

Doctors, hospitals, health insurers, and Big Pharma have become so abusive to patients with their billing and pricing that they may have accomplished what many consider a political impossibility   ̶  angering Democrats and Republicans in Congress as well as the White House, pushing them all toward bipartisan legislation and executive actions. Don’t bet on the […]

Big businesses, which beat on their employees to be more cost-conscious, efficient, and productive, may need to take a page out of their own books if they hope to better control the soaring health care costs that they’re also shoving off onto their workers. That’s a key takeaway from new research by the independent, nonprofit […]

Spending’s askew when billions go for unproven surgical robots while lack of affordable care leads thousands of poor, black, and brown patients to need diabetic amputations   If U.S. health care leaders look ahead to 2020 and wonder why their sector of the economy will be one of the key concerns of presidential candidates and […]

As tens of thousands of Americans die from overdoses and many millions struggle with skyrocketing prescription medication costs, lawmakers and regulators in the nation’s capital plodded along with procedural steps they claimed would help attack what voters insist are some of their top public policy priorities. On Capitol Hill, seven of Big Pharma’s top executives […]

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