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Americans have been brainwashed into disbelieving a fundamental truth about their legal system: Lawsuits actually are good for the country. They aren’t as costly nor as numerous as conventional wisdom holds. And they play a crucial role in keeping in check the greed and harm that business interests otherwise might inflict with impunity. Says who? […]

It’s bad enough that damage caps and other so-called “reforms” punish patients who have suffered preventable injuries from medical malpractice. But new research says it’s much worse: These reforms actually worsen quality medical care for all patients. And they don’t have any desirable tradeoffs like making care more affordable or attracting more doctors to a […]

The essence of a long and fascinating examination of a lawsuit over a newborn’s brain damage by Steve Cohen on was distilled nicely on, the civil justice site of the Center for Justice & Democracy. It concerned tort reform, which, as regular readers of this blog know, is the misguided movement to restrict […]

Connie Spears has the bad luck to live in Texas. Her story, as recounted by the New York Times/Texas Tribune is another sad reminder of how the powerful forces behind so-called “tort reform” continue to deprive people harmed by medical mistakes of their rights. And Texas leads the way. In 2010, Spears arrived at a […]

“Tort reform” is the call to arms for people who believe that medical malpractice litigation is responsible for a host of problems and inefficiencies in the medical industrial complex, and that monetary awards for medical mistakes should be limited as a way to right the listing ship of justice. Baloney. As we’ve repeatedly covered, the […]

A favorite whipping boy of the medical industrial complex is the alleged wave of lawsuits that need to be squashed for freedom to reign once more in America. Now, a new documentary airing on HBO exposes the truth behind so-called “tort reform.” The documentary is called “Hot Coffee” — after the infamous case of spilled […]

Physician groups and health insurers often blame excessive malpractice settlements for the high rates that doctors have to pay to obtain malpractice liability insurance. But a recent analysis indicates that regional differences may play an even more significant role in determining malpractice insurance rates. According to a recent analysis by Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, a BC/BS […]

It’s helpful to look at the actual facts, not supposition, about so-called “tort reform” and medical malpractice, because so many medical leaders persist in arguing that curbing victims’ rights to accountability for medical injuries would make the health care system better. The following discussion is courtesy of Joanne Doroshow, the head of Center for Justice […]

Patients in Texas whose health has been ruined by incompetent decisions by ER physicians are having a hard time finding malpractice attorneys to represent them, even when the lawyers admit they have a great case. The reason: The tort reform state lawmakers passed in 2003, which made it more difficult for patients to win damages […]

Sometimes it seems like the drive to control the amount of damages awarded for medical malpractice is on some kind of political message loop. Often called “tort reform,” it frequently is fodder in election campaigns, and is always a popular lawyer-bashing topic at cocktail parties. One state or another is always considering capping the amounts […]

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