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Purdue Pharma, which built a multi-billion-dollar family empire, in part, by overcoming doctors’ resistance to prescribing powerful painkillers like its own powerhouse  OxyContin, has decided to curb its quarter-century of aggressive and controversial drug marketing — efforts that critics and lawsuits say helped fuel the nation’s opioid drug abuse epidemic. The company has said that […]

Here are some developments worth watching in the nation’s battle against the epidemic of opioid drug misuse that killed 28,000 Americans in 2014 alone:    CONGRESS ACTS: Congressional negotiators now must confer to determine which parts of House and Senate measures to combat opioid drug abuse will go forward. The House just passed a package […]

You probably heard about the recent price hike for a drug critical to AIDS patients when the manufacturer sold it to an evil hedge fund manager who promptly marked it up 5,000%. This  prompted Los Angeles Times columnist Michael Hiltzik to revisit programs sponsored by pharmaceutical companies that purport to help people who can’t afford […]

Although drug companies are not allowed to promote or market their products for any use other than those approved by the FDA, doctors may prescribe drugs to some patients to treat conditions other than those included in FDA approval. It’s called “off-label” use, and can result in good outcomes. But Dr. Allen Frances believes that […]

Unless you’re the sort of person who would buy ice in a blizzard, you probably don’t need to be warned about the out-sized claims of TV ads for drugs. But if you’re the kind of person who likes proof of what you know is right, a new study confirms that pharmaceutical companies make promises about […]

Last week a federal appeals court made a ruling that chips away at a fundamental aspect of the FDA’s gatekeeping function with new drugs. The court tossed a conviction of a drug sales representative who was promoting drugs for uses the FDA had not approved. Two of the three judges on the panel said such […]

Manufacturing an excellent product and marketing it well should ensure commercial success. A new lawsuit suggests that it wasn’t for Big Pharma player Novartis AG-the company was charged last month with fraud, allegedly for paying kickbacks to pharmacies that switched transplant patients from a less expensive generic drug to to its brand name med, Myfortic. […]

Patients’ struggles with medical pain are a major problem. So, too, is the proclivity of Big Pharma, doctors, hospitals, insurers, and many others to respond to pain not only by pushing more prescription pills but also by overstating their benefits and downplaying their costs and potential harms. As the nation grapples with an opioid painkiller […]

When Big Pharma pursues rapacious profits and regulators snooze, patients suffer terrible consequences, as new revelations about the opioid crisis show. Kaiser Health News Service , via the Washington Post, and The New York Times both have done excellent investigative digging into drug makers’ role in fueling the prescription painkiller mess that authorities estimate claims […]

New, disturbing information is emerging about Big Pharma’s role in the nation’s killer crisis with the abuse of prescription opioid drugs. It also shows that, even when companies act in ways beneficial to the public good, they do so with self-justifying spin. Major kudos, to start, to the Los Angeles Times for its sustained reporting […]

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