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The always-perceptive Gary Schwitzer at shines his truth-telling light on what appears to be an epidemic of thyroid cancer, but turns out to be an epidemic of diagnosis. As always, his interest is in careful analysis and context, not attention-getting statistics. Schwitzer refers to a recent study in JAMA Otolaryngology – Head & Neck […]

The relentless campaign to convince every American woman of her imminent risk of fatal breast cancer doesn’t measure up to any calm review of the numbers on who dies from what in the United States. And the value of regular mammograms for women is coming under increasingly skeptical scrutiny. The latest skeptical report on breast […]

Testosterone therapy is appropriate for some people, but far more use this hormone than should. We’ve written about the dangers of the misguided use of testosterone (here and here), and with recent research supporting a higher level of scrutiny, the FDA is going to investigate the increased risk of cardiovascular harm associated with testosterone therapy. […]

Among the subjects we’ve filed under “disease mongering” – “the selling of sickness that widens the boundaries of illness and grows the markets for those who sell and deliver treatments,” as defined by the journal PLoS Medicine – are men who take hormones for testosterone deficiency when they don’t need them. Some people have legitimate […]

Seven years ago, Australia was the site of the Congress on Disease Mongering. In 2010, Amsterdam played host to the Selling Sickness conference. And next month, from Feb. 20-22, Washington, D.C. is where like-minded folks will gather for Selling Sickness 2013: People Before Profits. These confabs reflect the growing interest in many quarters to rein […]

Many health and medical journalists, and watchdogs of the practice of medicine, have noted a peculiarly American phenomenon: “disease mongering.” As defined by journal PLoS Medicine, disease mongering is “the selling of sickness that widens the boundaries of illness and grows the markets for those who sell and deliver treatments.” We’ve discussed the topic before, […]

Technology is a wonderful thing. Most of us rely on it to do our jobs, remain informed, communicate and plan and participate in recreational activities. But like a wonder drug that can render a dread disease a manageable irritant, technology has side effects and some of them are dark, indeed. Writing on his health news […]

With all the excesses, abuses, and nonsense that pro athletes and pop stars can get into these days, it’s gotten rarer that commentators can point to positive actions these influential personalities can take. But a growing number of them deserve credit for publicly discussing their struggles with mental health issues, helping to reduce widespread stigma […]

There’s a lot of health news noise out there, as we regularly point out (for example, here and here). Readers of (HNR) have a leg up on everyone else when it comes to sorting the noise from the news about medicine and health. The site’s mission is to improve the public dialogue “about health […]

An FDA panel’s recommendation earlier this month for what’s known as the “female Viagra” is being hailed in some quarters, and criticized in others. The first group believes the drug addresses a long-overdue acknowledgment that women’s sexual health has been treated as secondary to men’s. The second group believes the drug’s benefits do not outweigh […]

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