10 Weird Health Theories That Just Won’t Go Away

Blogger Jim Edwards has a list of “10 Weird Health Theories That Just Won’t Go Away.”

Many of them flower from the backlash to the medical industrial complex’s desire to medicalize, and provide a pill for, all slightly different human behaviors. Others underscore how appropriate skepticism about modern medicine can lead to an over-correction and an endorsement of wrongheaded and dangerous ideas (autism being caused by vaccines as a prominent example).

Here’s the list of myths:

• “The so-called obesity epidemic is just a scare tactic to make you feel bad”

• “Human growth hormone is the fountain of youth”

• “Women who don’t like sex have female sexual dysfunction”

• “Low-dose naltrexone cures everything”

• “Multiple sclerosis is caused by blocked jugular veins”

• “Taking multivitamins can prevent prostate cancer”

• “High cholesterol is not a health risk” [Note from Malone: This one is complicated.]

• “The feds want to microchip you like a pet cat”

• “HIV is not the cause of AIDS”

• “Vaccines cause autism”

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